Provexum UK Not that word! Extreme sex can be in time. But there are only two options: either very fast sex, or - extremely long. In the first case, the partners do not have time to assess the situation and each other, they go into sex and forget about everything. In the second - they bring each other to such a state that they are ready to explode. Extreme sex give and equipment. Every kind of invention from the sex shop does not cease to shock users. Here, not only clothes , fluffy handcuffs and things like that. Sex toys have appeared that allow the body to be saturated with bright orgasms, which are difficult to obtain in a natural way. Another feature of extreme sex is danger. Oh, this adrenaline rush! Here and air sex, and underwater, and at the height, and on a tree, and a lot more where. In a word, there are no conventions and rules, they are simply not in extreme sex . Extreme sex can be dangerous both for health and for life. But everyone is free to choose the way of receiving pleasure, expressing closeness, trust, love. There are more than enough contraceptive methods today. Some of them are considered emergency and are used in case of unprotected sexual intercourse or when other contraceptives did not work. The drug "Postinor" just refers to emergency ways to protect against unwanted pregnancy. However, for the effect to be, it is necessary to take Postinor correctly. “Postinor” is a drug containing levonorgestrel in a large dose (0.75 mg). During the reception, he carries out a massive hormonal attack on the body. Levonorgestrel is a synthetic analogue of progesterone, which directly affects conception and the course of pregnancy . "Postinor" is able to change the contraction of the fallopian tubes and change the state of the endometrium so that the fertilized egg does not have the ability to attach to it. "Postinor" is a fairly reliable contraceptive for emergency cases. Therefore, taking it according to the instructions or recommendations of the doctor, getting pregnant is extremely unlikely. However, we must remember that this drug is quite toxic, and it is not possible to use it regularly with each sexual intercourse.

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