If you're hoping that your favorite NHL team scoops up some fresh talent in order to make a postseason run Paul Carey Jersey Womens , you'd better hope it does so sooner than later.The 2019 trade deadline passes at 4 p.m. ET on Monday, and after that, deals will be off the table.Fortunately, there's a good chance that your favorite team is trying to make a move before Monday. There has been no shortage of trade rumors or, in the case of specific players, speculation that a move is coming.The weekend should bring a flurry of activity that lasts all the way up until Monday afternoon. With that flurry now on the immediate horizon, it's a perfect time to run down some of the latest chatter. Interest in Simmonds is Picking UpThe Philadelphia Flyers aren't quite out of the playoff mix just yet. However, their 28-26-7 record doesn't spark a ton of confidence in a looming playoff surge. This is why there has been plenty of speculation surrounding winger Wayne Simmonds.Simmonds is having a bit of a down year鈥攈e has just 27 points in 61 games鈥攁nd this may lead to Philadelphia selling low.With the Flyers also sliding out of contention, teams have been calling to see what it may take to pry Simmonds away.According to Pierre LeBrun of TSN and The Athletic Chris Tierney Jersey Womens , the interest in Simmonds has intensified with the deadline drawing near:Pierre LeBrun PierreVLeBrunInterest has intensified on Wayne Simmonds last few days. But Flyers for now focused on trying to stay in the race. Couple of big games including tonight which will sway final decision before Monday.This makes a ton of sense if Simmonds can indeed be had on the cheap. If his play picks up, he can most certainly help a potential contender improve, and his 10 years of experience could be invaluable to a younger roster.According to Evan Macy of the Philadelphia Voice鈥攚ho cited sources like LeBrun and The Athletic's Scott Burnside鈥攁s many as seven teams could be interested in acquiring Simmonds.Macy listed those teams as the Boston Bruins, Winnipeg Jets, Tampa Bay Lightning, Nashville Predators, Calgary Flames, Las Vegas Golden Knights and the Toronto Maple Leafs.Interest in Stone May Be DwindlingPaul Sancya/Associated PressWhile interest in acquiring Simmonds appears to be growing, the opposite may be true for Ottawa Senators wing Mark Stone. Though there has been plenty of speculation surrounding Stone Tyson Barrie Jersey , Matt Duchene and Ryan Dzingel, Stone now appears the least likely to be traded.According to LeBrun, some teams are now turning their attention elsewhere:Pierre LeBrun PierreVLeBrunSome teams concerned about how the Mark Stone situation is playing out timing-wise now turning their attention to teams like the Rangers (Hayes, Zuccarello) as well, stepping up with their calls... Dont think the buyers want to wait until Monday and risk getting nothingThe reason teams may be losing interest in Stone is that the Senators are still interested in inking him to a long-term deal.As Andy Strickland of Fox Sports Midwest reported, Ottawa like Stone both as a player and a leader:Andy Strickland andystricklandMark Stone seems to be the most likely to stay with the #Sens. Hear nothing but great things about him as a player and leader. Might want to see what Duchene and Dzingel bring back first but there鈥檚 a growing sentiment that he鈥檒l stay.The reality is that the Senators simply may be too keen on Stone to let him go for cheap. This is why players like Mats Zuccarello may be more attractive as a late-season rental.Unless the Senators publicly announce that they've given up on trying to extend Stone and will accept a bargain offer鈥攚hich is extremely unlikely to happen鈥攅xpect the interest in Stone to remain low from here on out.Duchene was actually traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets early Friday afternoon, according to TSN's Darren Dreger. With Duchene out, the Senators may be even less inclined to move Stone.Panthers May Be Open to Moving HoffmanMike Hoffman of the Florida Panthers is having himself a fine season. He's scored 50 points in 59 games, which makes him a player other teams would be interested in acquiring. Florida Matt Martin Jersey Womens , meanwhile, may not believe his play is worth the $5.6 million he's set to earn next season.Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun wrote the following:"Two league executives told Postmedia on Wednesday that the Florida Panthers are listening to offers on the former Ottawa Senators winger. ... While the Panthers have been pleased with Hoffman鈥檚 production since he was acquired last May in a three-team deal after he was sent to the San Jose Sharks by the Senators, Florida might be trying to clear his $5.175-million cap hit off the books to sign unrestricted free agents in the summer."Listening to offers definitely isn't the same thing as actively shopping a player, but Florida seems to be keeping its options open at the least.According to LeBrun, the team has asked for the 10 teams listed on Hoffman's modified no-trade clause:Pierre LeBrun PierreVLeBrunHearing that Mike Hoffman鈥檚 camp has been asked by Florida to submit its 10-team no-trade list which is part of the player鈥檚 modified NTC. It is a No list. Doesn鈥檛 mean he will be traded but obviously teams are calling so Panthers need to be ready.If a team not listed on Hoffman's list comes calling before Monday, the right offer could well have him on the move once again. After an interview with former Oilers' captain Andrew Ference went viral, damning the 2013-15 Oilers team, current Oiler Ryan Nugent-Hopkins denies the claim that the team was even close to as bad as Ference described in his guest appearance on the 31 Thoughts the Podcast.Nugent-Hopkins is the last remaining player on that 2013-15聽roster to which Ference was referring when he laid into the terrible culture surrounding the team. Ference described the group as a young roster full of talent but always going out until聽3 am, sometimes 5 am and not ready to work as hard as it took to win games in the NHL. He said of the group Seth Griffith Jersey Womens , "It was to the point where it was ridiculous where the lifestyle was way more important than actually playing the game and making the playoffs.鈥漚dvertising via Canada.comNugent-Hopkins was asked for his opinion on the description provided by Ference and the normally reserved center for the Edmonton Oilers didn't waste time firing back. 鈥淭o say that guys were going out all the time and were showing up hungover, I don鈥檛 remember guys doing that at all,鈥?he said. He then rolled his eyes at the notion the players weren't willing to work hard and added, "Guys had every intention of working hard and getting better. Guys tried.鈥漈he Oilers now have a new coach in Ken Hitchcock聽and after joining the team part way through this season, Hitchcock said of this year's team that he was impressed with how hard they practiced, lending some weight to the idea that Nugent-Hopkins knows the difference between a hard and lazy practice.advertisingNugent-Hopkins finished with,聽鈥淔or us, in our room, we don鈥檛 really care what (Ference) said. We鈥檙e a new culture Jack Roslovic Jersey Womens , we鈥檙e a new team in here. We鈥檝e grown over the years like all young teams and young people do.鈥漌hat This MeansWhen the Ference interview first went public, there were certainly fans in Edmonton who didn't like what he had to say about the team. It made the Oilers look like a less-than-professional organization with attitude issues that could still be affecting the聽organization today. There were others that wondered why Ference would say something so far outside of his time as a player when doing so would only hurt his hometown team.advertisingClearly, Nugent-Hopkins was not a fan and felt it necessary to stand up for his former teammates 鈥?whoever it was the Ference was specifically referring to 鈥?and his current team.At this point, the best thing the Oilers can do is start winning, proving that even if what Ference said was true, things have changed.

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