The Arizona Cardinals take on the struggling Oakland Raiders at home on Sunday.We talked with Levi Damien of Silver and Black Pride about why the Arizona Cardinals are going to win on Sunday.Let's take a look.They made Nick Mullens look eliteTwo weeks ago the Raiders faced the only team the Cardinals have beaten this season (twice) and got destroyed by them. They were starting undrafted Nick Mullens who had never thrown an NFL pass. Then he faced the Raiders and led a 1-win 49ers team to a 34-3 victory. Josh Rosen was a top ten NFL draft pick and you give any QB all the time and comfort he needs in the pocket and he will have his way. The Raiders are by far the worst pass rushing team in the league. Rosen will never have a more favorable situation than this. Even with his having been sacked 18 times in the past four weeks Youth Markus Golden Jersey , the Raiders have put up ONE sack in that same stretch. They have 8.0 sacks on the season and 3.0 of those left with Bruce Irvin.Third downIn third and medium, the Raiders offense is the worst in the NFL while the Cardinals are 7th best at stopping it. Much of that has to do with blitzes. That’s a great time to blitz. And once again, the Raiders are dead last in the league in regards to allowing a sack on a blitz and the Cardinals are 8th in having success with it. The big problem for the Raiders is they are starting rookies at both tackle spots and Marshawn Lynch is on injured reserve. So, they don’t have a great third down back for short yardage and a great pass protector out of the backfield on medium and long third downs. Run defense vs David JohnsonThe Raiders are 30th in the league in run defense. The Seahawks decided in their game in London they would just run it down the Raiders throats to see what happened. They folded like a house of cards. Each opponent since then has followed a similar formula to success. David Johnson is clearly not having a great season, averaging just 3.4 yards per carry. But the Raiders have been the cure for what ails opposing offenses. He got within a couple yards of his first 100-yard game last week while averaging 4.67 yards per carry. Well , the Raiders defense has allowed 4.8 yards per carry this season and 141 yards per game. He should do well Sunday.Reason to hold David Johnson out makes little sense David Johnson sat and watched as the Arizona Cardinals called a weakside counter with their rookie running back on third and two coming out of a two minute warning.The play as it was lost three yards, set up a fourth and five and the rest was, as they say, history.Much has been made of the playcall, the personnel , and the reasoning behind all of it, but not much of it holds water.Johnson and the Cardinals say that Johnson missed a blitz pickup on the second and ten play previous, that required him to be pulled and coached up.That’s all well and good, but as pro’s like Jay Feely and Kurt Warner let it be known on Twitter, there is a time and a place.Down two , with the game on the line and a rookie quarterback getting his first live game action is not the place or time.That’s why the reasoning does not hold up.You are coming up to and out of the two minute warning after the “miss” blitz pick up occurred.You have a third and two and you are averaging roughly three yards a carry with David Johnson on interior runs at this point.Chase Edmonds has run four times up to this point for 13 yards, so you can see what McCoy is thinking... Except you can’t.If the numbers were closer to 20 and 12 carries respectively with a three yard per carry versus four yard per carry you could make more of case for Edmonds.But, proving a point at this juncture in a game, that no player is immune to being pulled for a “mistake” is simply not the way to win football games.It is a great way to make a point.No one is above the team, when one of us makes a mistake , we all fail.However, there is a time and a place for this.Not at the expense of the rest of the team.Not at the expense of your first potential win as an NFL head coach.Maybe this is the springboard the Cardinals need.It just feels like a bad way to have gone about everything.

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