by on April 1, 2019

I want to carry my bag and go to a distant place to pursue my own life. What to do there, there are your loved ones, teachers, friends, classmates, there are many people who care about and care about you, you are willing to leave them. It doesn't necessarily mean that the ultimate purpose and fundamental meaning of life is spiritual freedom and liberation. It has been very self-willed and likes to do whatever. Because of my wayward naughty, I don��t know how much my parents have exercised. Among the children, I was the most difficult element of a three-year primary school. I skipped a week in order to read a novel. At a young age, the embarrassment and horror of lying Buying Marlboro Cigarettes Online, in retrospect, the memory is still new. The temptation of the novel is too big, I can't stand it. The feeling is quickly revealed, the teacher called Dad. When he learned that I was skipping school to read a novel, he usually sent it to me that day. A very big fire. When I got home, I used bamboo to beat my palm. I was cooking. When I heard it, I ran and looked. After I knew the reason, I cried and shouted: "Give me a beat and ask you to skip school. Call you Trugging. "At that time, I clearly saw that my mother was shaking my body, but I didn't understand what my mother was crying for. I just went back to sleep without a meal. After a while, my parents came to see me, Dad gently Uncovering the corner, I saw the hand I was beaten. The right hand was red, and it was already swollen. My mother was already crying, holding my hand to my chest, and a few drops of hot tears fell on my palm. Mom doesn't let me read novels, it's not afraid of spending money. It's afraid of affecting my study and my body. I have been watching all night and all night, so it's very bad for my body. In fact, all the parents in the world are like this. For books, I also like writing and traveling. For writing, I have a natural love and attachment. It is as crazy as reading a book Cheapest Cigarette Cartons, and it doesn't matter day and night. As long as I like it, it doesn't matter at all Newport Cigarettes Cartons Sale. It often happens to one or two in the morning, Dad. My mother advised me to rest several times. I didn't sleep, they didn't sleep, they didn't like to go out crazy, put one or two books and some daily necessities in their bags. Just set off and sit alone. Running in a big iron box to read a book, it is quite interesting to say that the friends there are waiting at the station Marlboro Usa Price, but my parents are still not at ease. Help me clean up this, clean up. I can��t live without it. In fact, I am such a big person, and they seem to grow up in their eyes. Love and care, I always feel bored and embarrassed. I feel really real when I leave, it seems to be missing. People are like this, have I don��t want to cherish it. When I lose it, I know it is valuable. When I came to study in a different place far away from home, my mother was worried. I was afraid that I would not be used to life here. I was afraid that I would miss my family. I would not take care of myself. There are no ways to do it. Every morning, I will report to the province, and I will report it all by myself. When she knows that I am all well, I feel relieved that there is no such thing as getting used to it. Mom, I really care about it. Internet, eating, water, riding a car, shopping, making friends, chatting, flying a kite, reading a book, writing, drinking tea. This is my life, it is very beautiful Newport Box 100S Carton. Life is like this, still What can't be met? I am standing quietly under the sun, just want to say: "Who is the rising sun?