by on April 1, 2019

Sometimes I have to think about it, where do you come from? I am from my hometown. Then, where does the hometown come from? How did the hometown come from? What is the hometown? From the hometown, you should know the hometown, and you should know what your hometown is. This series of questions has caused me to think deeply. Each of us has our own hometown, and I think many people have deeply thought about it. Recently, I read the writer Liu Liangcheng's "Literature, from hometown to hometown", and my heart gradually became clearer. Only then dared to pick up the blunt pen in my hand and write the thoughts of my hometown to write the hometown and hometown like this:" The hometown is geographical and cultural, the hometown is spiritual and spiritual. The hometown exists in the land, and the hometown is hidden in the soul. The hometown is an address, a place where you can find the name on the map. The hometown is in the body. A person who is far away from home The body is full of hometown... Literature writing is a long journey from my hometown and finally to my hometown, which makes my thinking about my hometown rise to a new height. I may wish to summarize my hometown Marlboro Red 100S For Sale. The answer: Hometown is a dream, hometown is a painting, hometown is a book, hometown is a poem is a dream. Not to say: "Thoughts are thoughtful, night dreams. "Dream is the thought of the hometown, the dream is the illusion of the hometown situation. Wherever you go, where you are, dreams are in your body, hidden in your mind, this is a spiritual sustenance This is a romantic sentiment. This dream is there for everyone. This is a dream that can never be awake. There are emotions in the dream, some people have things, and they are always in a state of embarrassment. It is also the sublimation on the basis of the shadow of hometown. It is also true and illusory. It is a fascinating state of dreams. Dreams are an ideal state. Zhou Gong can��t solve it. Only he knows it is a painting. A painting in his own mind, in the painting. There are people who walk in this life, and they sing and do, and there are people outside the township who walk on it. Men, women, old people, children, high men, dwarves, fat people, thin people, etc. The paintings of the souls are walking around, this is a painting that they can't live in this life. The hometown is also a painting hanging on one's own heart. This painting is standing in the heart, usually can be seen when looking up, no, no Just seeing, already engraved in the heart is always flowing A painting, this painting is a combination of motion and static. This painting is both colorful and vivid, rich in image and lifelike. There are static mountains and rivers, country roads, village farmhouses, trees and plants, and dynamic turbulent water. The smoke of the smog, the cloud and rain of the village, the busy men, women and children, sometimes the baby crying, the cockerel shit Carton Of Newport 100 Cigarettes, the four seasons of the plants, the fascinating flowers and birds, and the wind of the hometown, the cloud of the hometown The rain of the hometown, surging in the paintings, sly, mysterious, beautiful, natural, full of wild and wild, the brush in the heart sketched the mountains, the land, the village, the farmhouse, the smoke, the old well, the old man A very vivid picture of the rural wilderness, a beautiful landscape emerges in my mind. The painting includes the famous writer Feng Xiaocai's "Spring sprouts and ruin, the summer is flourishing and prosperous, the winter is bleak and lonely", and The abundance and maturity of autumn. There is also a ��voice-over��, a book in the mind. This is a big book that can never be read, a big book displayed between heaven and earth, an ancient history and The apocalypse of the heavens is a classic of the nature of the people of the townsmen and the wanderers. The pages of the books that have always been installed in their own hearts have been quietly opened. The book continues for hundreds of years, even thousands of years of rich history, vast knowledge. There are contents that can never be read and cannot be read, and they are different for everyone. It records the historical changes of the hometown, leads the history of returning to his hometown, and explores where the "root" is? Where did you come from, and where did you go? How many years has the hometown continued here? What happened to the earth-shattering story of what year and month? What historical changes have occurred in what year and month Marlboro Cigarettes Wholesale, and what has changed? What year and month have happened? What are the names of historical figures? All these, in the book of the hometown, have detailed records of countless historical, modern, famous, unnamed characters, recording the ability to place people Students can also place people in the dead place, let the township life into the soil, bury it in the soil, and be with the ancestors of generations. It records a set of children, a group of people here, "born and sick", born here Work, home, development, rest, perish, have gone from here, here left a solid footprints. Here, the dynamic family name "Zhao Qiansun Li, Zhou Wu Zheng Wang..." is different. Some people have become the heroes of the book, and some people have become smeared for this big book. The scum, heroes and scums are recorded in the big book of the hometown. It has been handed down from generation to generation. There are many wonderful stories recorded in the historical review books, as well as the stories in the stories. The story is ups and downs, and the characters are fresh. Live, lifelike, fascinating. Very pleasant, shocking, thought-provoking, inspiring, alert, and memorable. All these stories have become street talks, tea after dinner. Becoming a wonderful book in the book, reading this big book every day, reading the mountains, reading the river, reading the fields, reading the village, reading the smoke, reading the wind and rain...receiving the contents of the book, feeling unlimited The feelings, the vast and profound philosophy. Because everyone understands the book of hometown, some people read the vicissitudes from the book, some people read the loneliness from the book, some people read from the book Out In the history of poverty, some people read the beautiful future from the book Cigarettes Wholesale Price. Others read the family from the book, some read the love, some read the friendship, some read the life, some read Happiness, some people read sadness... All of these are in conflict, intertwined, entangled, continuation, and sometimes repeated in the big book of the hometown. Some people read it, some people know it, Some people can't read it forever. This is the rich book of the hometown, which shows the magnificent and magnificent chapter. The great power that resides in people's hearts is a poem Marlboro 100S Carton. For everyone, the hometown is a song. Poems that can't be written forever, can't be read. There are illusions in the poems, there are lyrics, better than Li Bai, and Tao Yuanming has been played; this poem is naturally agile, ups and downs, with beautiful melodies and beautiful moods. Isn't it? Look at the morning smog, the bridge is flowing, the peaches are green, the smoke is smoky; you listen to the baby crying, the birds singing, the cocks singing, the gongs and drums. This historically heavy land is a wonderful poem. Let us enter the poem in the poem, it is Zhou A dream that cannot be solved; the hometown is a painting, a painting that the painter cannot draw; the hometown is a book, a book that the world can't read; the hometown is a poem, a poem that Li Bai can't write. So, hometown What is it? Hometown is always in the hearts of people who can not tell the truth.