by on March 18, 2019

In the summer afternoon, the haze of the day, people are lazy. I don't know what to do when I am free, but I still want to write a few words. I have been too lazy recently, and there are not a few words. These days, I was reading "Historical Records", and I saw that Sima Qian��s words were eloquent and eloquent. After graffitiing for so many years, the level will stay at the point where I look at it. I don��t know how many years to accumulate to reach the level of others. I have to work hard to get more points. It is said that when you are lazy Cheap Wholesale Cigarettes, there are still quite a few. Just say that "Historical Records" Marlboro Red 100S Carton Price, so far has not finished reading a third. Writing is the same, sometimes not writing a word for several days. I don't want to write, I just don't think I can write. The graffiti of the sky is nothing but a mess. Write yourself can not see, it is better not to write haha, said so much, in fact, nonsense! Stopped, looked out the window, half bright and half dark, difficult to measure the cloudy. Pick up the cup, drink a cup of tea, and return a little. I blinked the music lyrics that were being broadcast, and it happened to be such a sentence: If there is no you, I will be lingering. Is the meaning of a person��s life made by others? Is there any meaning, not to see how he lives? I remember one sentence saying this: everyone��s final destination is themselves. Then, without you, without him (her), there is nothing to do with who is the necessities, the necessities of our lives are the invisible but the air that has to be sucked, the water, the food. Cangjie knows the etiquette, and everything else is second only to the next. Maybe others have added color to our lives. However, it is our own that makes our lives full. It seems to be a word in the pen, each word has its own corners. It is because of their different edges and corners that they have different charms Cheapest Online Cigarettes Free Shipping. Why do everyone have to live the same way? Why do everyone have to live what others think? Why can't they have their own style? Why can't they have their own way? ? Good or bad, are in the eyes of others. Happy or not, it is from your heart. In these years, I often live in the eyes of others, so that I have not really laughed. She said that there are children in the family. He said that people have a room and a car. What do you have? Yes Cheap Marlboro Free Shipping, I have nothing, only myself. What I can rely on is just myself Buy Newport Cigarettes. I didn't marry at the age of marriage like everyone else. There is no such thing as a child in the birth of a child. I don't have a husband, no children, no family, no car, no house, only myself. But I don't think there is anything wrong with this. At least I can't afford to rely on myself. I don't have to rely on anyone. I don't care who, and I don't care who, why is it the object of the thousands? The world is really strange, not living for yourself. For others. In fact, I want to ask: You live a happy look in the eyes of others, are you happy? Are you really happy? Of course, I have not lived in the eyes of others and I am not really happy. It's not because I'm not good at it, just because the world is like a beast that devours happiness and devours all the happiness. So, no one is laughing? Yes, a lot. They all wear a mask, the mask on the mask is a little more fake. I want to ask: tired? Tired! The weather of the years covers the tired face, and your smirk is so brilliant!