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That is often a guide targeted at new players a lot more than anyone while reading this remember that.

When you are looking for POE, there exists only one rule to recollect, Storage SPACE = WEALTH. Yup, that's all and permit me to show you why.
Before we go any further just one thing needed besides storage, a character in act 3 merciless. YES, you must get a  POE Currency character up to now to do anything I have written below.
DON'T wine and complain that your particular broke whenever you don't play a character for over one day. Just choose a build you like within the forums and gone with it. You can experiment later whenever you can afford to purchase build enabling uniques.
The most powerful thing in POE is vendor recipes, and I'm planning to focus within the two easiest Recipes to simplify things. Here is often a link to your entire list in the event you want to discover Vendor recipe.
1st may be the chaos recipe and that is one of every item slot on the character by having an item level involving the levels of 60-74. You could possibly get two chaos in the event you don't identify them. (But I need to roll my rings man, got to....)
The chaos recipe requires a complete set of rare items relating to the levels of 60-74. You can check this by collecting the Item in your cursor, then typing /item level inside chat box. A full set can do filling all item slots inside the inventory screen (not including flasks, the alternate weapon set, or perhaps a quiver). Precisely, it consists from the following:
**1x Two-Handed Weapon (including bows, quiver not essential) OR 1x One-Handed Weapon ×1 and Shield OR 2x One-Handed Weapon
1x Helmet 1x Body Armour 1x Gloves 1x Boots 1x Belt 1x Amulet 2x Ring **
2nd would be the Gemcutter's Prism recipe. Merely collect quality gems till you hit 40% total quality then sell them for any Gemcutter's Prism. It's simple and takes minimal space to keep. Plus a GCP an average of will sell for AT-LEAST 2 chaos in almost any league, usually more.
As you'll be able to see, one of the most significant mistake players make is vending their rare items once they should be storing them approximately sell during these sets.
Example: I have two dump tabs for farming and 1tab for weapons, boots/gloves, body armor, helmets/belts then one for rings/amulets.
Since you merely have four tabs first of all that means you must do something to obtain additional space. Here is my report on options -
1. Buy more Tabs.. duh (I usually w8 till they can be on sale) BUT GG has earned our support here so please buy Tabs if you are able to.
2.Make mule characters. You are able to use level one characters just to keep items. However, this may be the slowest means of storing items caused by continually reloading aspects.
3. Make a mule account if the computer are prepared for two games open for the same time. You have a double mind just hanging out within your hideout to save gear and either trade or utilize a guild stash to transfer items. HINT (usually take two characters to make a guild). GGG already said hello was ok to obtain two accounts active for the same time using one pc as long as being the use of issues the command instead of a script or bot. You can keep eyes on MMOAH which is essentially the most reliable activity store to present amounts of Cheap POE Orbs online.

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