by on February 14, 2019

We are seven games into the thirteen game season Michael Palardy Jersey , the halfway point. Of my four CSR leagues first up is the staff league, CSR1. In the lead is last year’s runner up, Catastropheand his Fan2C Allstars (6-1) followed by Ivan’s FC Carolina (6-1) and Jon DeLong’s DeLong-er DeBetter (4-3). My defending champion team Mr. Totes McCaffrey (3-4) is in 4th but leading the Black Division. Still in the mix for a playoff spot obviously.KeepPounding88 is a miraculous 0-7. It takes some really bad luck to not win at least one week. I mean, Beau-lieve in Bersin got lucky once, if he can do it you can. Congrats on that perfect start though KP88! In CSR 13, we have a lot of parity. Seven of twelve teams are 4-3 or 3-4. My team Gaulden Showers (5-2) is in third place behind only ‘Ol Brass Balls (6-1) and ARMAHgeddon (5-2).This is Spartanburg (1-6) is clearly reflecting one of the more ugly days at Wofford. The Cardiac Cats (2-5) are likewise on life support. A sixth loss all but eliminates them from contention.Easily my worst team is Kuechin that Ass (3-4)in CSR59. I went heavy with WRs early in this draft (AB Cheap Shaq Thompson Jersey , Evans, Thielen) and I’m paying the price. My quarterback and running back positions are just too weak. In the lead so far is ShitOuttaLuke (6-1), Luke at it Again (6-1) and Made you Luke (5-2).Bringing up the rear is The Fighting Bookies (1-6), Luuuuuke (1-6) and Gnuke Gnuechly (2-5). They need to pick it up as they are embarrassing their namesake. Finally we have CSR IDP 2 where my team It Makes Gano Sense (5-2) is in second place overall and my division. In first is I Need More Cowbell (5-2), love that name by the way, with Wanted in Two States (4-3) in third. ChrisB Creme (1-6) is stinking it up. Nothing crisp there. Inteus89 (2-5) is a game ahead but 0-4 in their division.Feel free to provide any rebuttals if you dare! Le'Veon Bell is on the move.Though it’s unclear where he’s going http://www.pantherscheapshop.com/cheap-authentic-t... , a Monday afternoon tweet makes it clear he’s leaving Miami. Maybe, just maybe, he’s finally returning to Pittsburgh.Le’Veon Bell has eight days to sign his franchise tender. Otherwise, he won’t be able to play for the Steelers, or anyone else, in 2018.Due to earn $855 http://www.pantherscheapshop.com/cheap-authentic-j... ,000 per game, the Steelers have the right to place Bell on roster-exempt status for two weeks — and in turn to pay him less than his franchise tender. Per the labor deal, the Steelers and Bell are required to agree in writing as to the salary he’ll receive on roster-exempt status.This week, with the Steelers playing on Thursday night against the Panthers, the team surely won’t be inclined to pay him $855,000 in return for nothing. Which means that if Bell (who already may know that the Steelers intend to pay him much less than $855 Cheap Ian Thomas Jersey ,000 per week for the first two weeks) is returning to Pittsburgh, he knows the terms that the team is offering — and he’s prepared to accept them.