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This build revolves around the modern unique sword Oni-Goroshi. The sword may be the only mandatory item but in addition to that you need to use POE Currency budget gear or scale into a lot of DPS with a little bit of investment. You can find the sword by either buying it or by farming it. The sword is usually six linked, has over 700 DPS at level 90, and you also can adapt it at level 1.

Poe 3.2 has added Tectonic Slam and buffed ascendancy!
This skill synergizes perfectly using this type of build because from the built-in conversion plus the fact who's has the identical skill tags as Molten Strike (aside from projectile damage). The new Juggernaut changes help it become so we virtually always have endurance charges to be expanded. I do not believe any from the tree or support gems have for being changed in any respect, but I will update if needed as soon when we learn more around the skill.
I was thinking of switching those clusters around several days ago, but I forgot to check when it was worthwhile. I just checked, and it also seems as if it gives a great deal of accuracies leading to 1.5% crit while only letting go of a tiny quantity of attack speed. Thanks!
Inc Crit Damage will be better, but I would need to have INT in my gear to put it to use. At the moment everything I use only requires one 30 INT node around the tree. If you need more harm to bosses , nor like doing the secret where you attack the ground a couple of feet away in the boss, so Ancestral Call doubles up on projectiles, you can utilize a weapon swap with Conc Effect rather than Ancestral Call. I don't like using Conc Effect for clearing since the shells don't go far enough.
Helmet: Molten Strike Projectiles enchantment, 70+ life, 200+ accuracy, resistances (30+ STR in case you don't require resistances).
Boots: Attack speed in the event you have killed recently or life and mana regeneration should you have been hit enchantment, 70+ life, resistances recently. (Movement speed not essential for Whirling Blades and you can get it in case you want. 30+ STR in case you don't have to have the resistances).
Gloves: (I recommend using Oskar!) 70+ life, 200+ accuracy, flat physical harm to attacks, attack speed, resistances. (30+ STR in case you don't want the resistances).
Rings: Diamond Rings, 60+ life, 200+ accuracy, flat physical destruction of attacks, 20+ elemental damage with attack skills/fire damage, resistances. These is going to be expensive.
Amulet: 60+ life, 200+ accuracy, flat physical destruction of attacks, 20+ elemental damage with attack skills/fire damage, critical strike chance and multiplier, resistances. This are going to be very expensive.
Belt: (I recommend using Darkness Enthroned!) 80+ life, 20+ elemental damage with attack skills, resistances, 30+ STR.
Body Armour: 100+ life, resistances, 30+ STR. Furthermore, if you would like to buy POE Items, visit the site MMOAH enjoying best service!

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