by on February 13, 2019


For the PS is also only buy RS gold available for and while I wasn't a huge fan of the first game I did absolutely love the sequel, Payday .Other Runescape games, of less veritable quality, such as RIPD, Rock of Ages and The Expendables  and yeah, I bought it anyways knowing full well that the moviebased game from Ubisoft would be trash are


also rocking the . price tag. Basically all the good, bad, mediocre, legendary and trashy Runescape games are available for nearly the same price. It's like a Steam sale but for PlayStation Runescape gamesAlso, I was really shocked but there are a couple of PS titles in the mix, including the Surgeon Simulator, which carries a . price tag, and


a game I've never, ever heard of called Tennis in the Face. Like, what is that If you're looking for some really unique Runescape games or offthecuff titles like Tokyo Jungle for the PS, where you go around playing as wild animals in the concrete jungle of Tokyo, Japan, or classic pointandclick titles like Sam and Max, they also make the


cut. Literally, just about every kind of genre, subgenre and unique game can you buy money on runescape across the board is on sale for the PlayStation , PlayStation Vita, and a few for the PlayStation . It's a nice sort of sendoff to the past generation of PlayStation consoles given that eighth gen should be all about the PS. Holding a nice dollar sale is a great way to pay




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