by on January 26, 2019

We understand that in 2013, Nexon announced the introduction of MapleStory 2 and South Korea, the revelation would not start indifferent as being the first opus is popular - in 2014, the action was still within the top 10 MMO essentially the most profitable, eight years after its launch.

MapleStory 2 hosted its first Korean beta testers in 2014 and the sport was launched in July 2015 within the MapleStory 2 Mesos Land on the Morning Calm. And if, ever since the first announcements, Nexon also evoked at the least an English version, the experience was waiting inside the West. Till today.

Yesterday, in the MapleFest, Nexon confirmed not merely the upcoming launch of the English version of the overall game, but also the organization of the Western beta test, from May 9 to 16. And already, registrations are open for the official website - and they're going to remain only until May 6.

For the record MapleStory 2 takes again the esthetics plus the principal codes in the first opus, but transposed this time around in a world in simili 3D (in place in the side-scrolling on the first MapleStory). This new episode takes place within the same universe as being the first, but within a previous period and confronting players with dark forces: in accordance with the plot on this new album, living, serious amounts of space from the world of MapleStory are maintained by three Sages, however the forces of darkness disturb this balance plus the players could have to mobilize to remedy it.

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