by on January 11, 2019

This new map may be precisely what the Maple Story esports scene requirements. The pace of MaplestoryM Mesos a game might reflect the television-ready brawls of the Hunger Games books: initial bursts of violence that is satisfying, followed by a much smaller group of survivors navigating and likely to take others out. At the moment, tournaments struggle with tracking each player and every brawl. While it's likely impossible for a single stream to capture everything, even important fights and deaths are easily missed.

In an increasingly aggressive esports-focused shooter marketplace, Maple Story Corp. will have to continue to experiment and iterate to discover the appropriate formula for Maple Story esports. Fortnite always remains poised to consume PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds lunch, and names such as Rainbow Six Siege offer comparable strategies, action and excitement in considerably shorter windows of time.

After seemingly conquering the planet, Maple Story Corp. finds itself playing catch up with Epic Games from the battle royale genre. Fortnite has got the best spot for battle royale games on Twitch, but Maple Story's esports scene still has a ton of potential. It'll take innovation, iteration, and imagination to secure Maple Story's esports legacy, however a radical new map structure is a superb start.

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