by on January 9, 2019




Signalshot is playable with life now, sure (weaker than 2.6 but nevertheless at decent lvl) Granted we had a lttle bit of doomfletch in 3.0, but that is gone now lol.

I agree along on HoWa. That being said, I would make POE Trade Howa + weapon+shield-builds playable for CI after VP fully gone.

Some form of Ci buff (more multiplier behind CI or maybe more ES values on armour (i.E. 760 ES for triple T1 regalia) could possibly be enough to get those builds back.

That way we could make a wander for clearspeed (lifebased, QotF, small lifepool) if not more Cheap POE Items tanky + higher single target dmg (ES).

 Bow/2h/dual wield would still remain life only. It's quite a faiytale that even CI HoWa struggles having a HP-Pool atm.


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