by on November 30, 2018

Green is in my heartn our lives, green has been everywhere. The green grassland, at first glance, is so beautiful and attractive, green mountains, rolling hills and green fields, is an innocent crop... Green is full of vitality, green shows the vitality of life, Green means tenacity and hard work. It is a symbol of vitality and a warm home for all living things. The survival of mankind cannot be separated from trees.ver, with the development of science and technology Cigarette Kinds, the standard of living is constantly improving, and he is gradually disappearing. Industrial sewage is discharged into the small river, and the crystal clear river is gone. When the automobile exhaust is sprayed into the air Marlboro Red 100S Carton Price, there will always be a black smoke rushing into the sky Cigarettes Free Shipping, the blue sky is gone Cheapest Online Cigarettes Free Shipping, and the birds have already left the land. Looking for a new blue sky, the sorrow of the sky without birds. Know that if you continue this way, there will be no green in the world!e act of throwing garbage, spitting, throwing paper scraps and shells and damaging the environment is nothing new in life, and even this can be said to be a very common habit. However, in the people who do these actions, have you thought about the consequences?re is no green, where to find a clear river, where to find green grass, where to find the home of small birds and small fish. Let us act, cherish green, protect green, and grow green. must start from the little things around us and consciously protect the environment. Try not to use the correction fluid; do not buy and use disposable items; buy beverages as much as possible to choose the recyclable canned materials; carry your own shopping bags to go shopping; save water Cheap Newport Cartons, electricity, use water to tighten the faucet, the classroom does not Turn off the lights in time; protect the greening facilities, do not trample the green space, do not litter, do not spit. Protect your environment with your own actions.s start! Let us join the ranks of environmental protection to protect our homes together. "There is only one earth", let us cherish and jointly maintain. Let our homes show the green mountains of the past, the birds and flowers.