by on November 9, 2018

The moment of deeply inciting my heart is undoubtedly the national elementary school facing the sacred flag-raising ceremony. The leaders will then speak the words of inspiring people. That guides people, I remember, the beginning of my pursuit of ideals is from that moment, at that moment I know how to pursue for my own ideals, and that words are deeply imprinted in my heart, always engraved in my heart.the end of the flag-raising ceremony, the leaders went to the front, facing the teachers and students, and said with deep affection: "Classmates, teachers, good dear! Today I want to talk about what everyone should have - ideal Carton Of Marlboro Reds. Just like Premier Zhou Online Cigarettes, reading At that time Marlboro Cigarettes Online, he set a grand ideal for studying for the rise of China. It is his motivation. Although we don��t talk about grand ideals, do small ideals have worked hard for this? Classmates, you are no longer a child. Time flies, the sun and the moon are like a shuttle, you have already struggled, people can't be on the starting line, you should go sprinting..." Everyone is thinking and dismissing in the leadership of the words, I am still deeply in leadership Thinking about it in those words Cigarettes For Sale...! If a person does not have an ideal Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, then his life will only be the shell, will not be able to try the good of the world, his life will be very boring Marlboro Gold Pack. How many people in our life have insisted on their own ideals, and they have always created a miracle, a story that is so fascinating Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and those stories that prove that there is no time in life! I think about how many times I have been "scarred" for my ideals. I don't know that I have been ridiculed for the sake of my own dreams, but I have lost a lot of laughter. I don't know how many people have said: "Don't be stupid, this is not Maybe, but I insisted, behind, how many times I was alone in my heart, how many times I shed tears in the lonely night... I don��t know when, just for the ideal, choose not to cry.ading is also true, there is no ideal, the so-called blind reading, you can never taste the "sweet and bitter" that the ideal brings to you. Although it is often ridiculed by others; although it can't get the understanding of others; although it sometimes brings you endless annoying anger Marlboro Red 100S, but recalling these, it is so sweet, at the same time, it is so happy..