by on November 9, 2018

Today is New Year's Day, the whole class and the teacher gathered together to sing, dance, tell stories... to celebrate New Year's Dayhe party started, the host was announced by the squad Chen Ting, the first program was sung by Fu Rumeng and Tao Zhen, "Oh Ten Minutes" Xu Juanjuan accompanied the dance Wholesale Cigarettes, and the golden scorpion paid like a sweet song and Xu Juanjuan danced, winning the applause of classmates and teachers. Then Du Cheng and Cai Zihao sang "Cao Cao" and their songs were bright, and the students watched their eyes. Then, Xu Juanjuan performed her solo dance "Peacock Dance". Her beautiful dance poses as vivid as a real peacock Cigarettes Online. After watching a classmate, she is full of praise. Finally, I will give you a riddle. The riddle is "women��s liberation and turning over." The students immediately fell silent, closed their eyes and thought about some of them, and time passed by Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, but no one guessed it Marlboro Cigarettes. When I announced the answer. At the time, the students wowed awkwardly.ue to the time relationship, the party ended soon. The students also had a lot of talent performances. They didn��t show up. Everyone was in love, and they were reluctant to leave the classroom. I hope that such a party will be open to the students�� lives. Turn weekly meetings into a paradise for happiness Parliament Cigarettes. The annual party finally came again, and the students came to the colorful classrooms we dressed up with snacks.also found a good seat and put the snacks on the table. At this time, the class teacher Yang said: "Students don't want to eat alone, share it with everyone!" Then we immediately exchanged snacks... ...the party started in such a cheerful atmosphere!ay! We should play the game! "Today we play to grab the stool Carton Of Cigarettes, this game is my favorite game!" "The game starts!" Oh, unfortunately the first game did not have my turn to play, I am anxiously waiting u Yaxuan!" Oh! The third round finally got me Newport Cigarettes Price. I jumped and ran on the court. Unfortunately, I won a second! But my classmates and I are very happy and smirk!At half past four Carton Of Marlboro Reds, the school bell rang, how come today is so fast? ! We really want to play for a while! We are still immersed in the big happy family!rty, you really make me love it! 2012 is about to pass, and in 2013 I will work harder to achieve better results in the new year!