by on November 1, 2018

Clone level 82 is 1 max. - In order to have a Legend, you need 2 items with maplestory2 mesos maximum + 40 million mesos. - Up to 1 Legend needed 3500 Purple Powder + 35 Million Mesos.

Each acc lv 82 has 2.8m therefore that you simply must earn 141 million more meshes only.

P / S: If you find plowing 82 lv 9h is a long time, and then you've got the next option is to plow lv 68 only takes 4h, in return there are 157 weapons purple powder, 99 purple powder 1m meso = > to receive 1 unique need 6.6 clone.

You can see the stunned feat of the man. So to have only an biggest Maplestory 2 Mesos extremely powerful Mythic, the participant needed to lose 50 clone x 9 hours 450 hours. If you do not eat not sleep, only clone plow, you also have to spend... nearly 3 weeks. While MapleStory M new release was 1 month... new attitude"plow" of Vietnamese players: D