by on October 20, 2018

Yesterday, I read the article "The Words of the Eyes". When I saw the title of the article, I thought: How can the eyes talk? I read it carefully with a greeting. After reading it, I found the answer. Originally, this article was written by the author in anthropomorphic way. I summed it up and talked about three things: first point is: Some children have seen some good books, they have forgotten everything, even walking, and doing so makes me fatigued, and the adjustment function of the lens will be affected. I am the most experienced of this. A few days ago, the classmates introduced me to read a few interesting books. I slept and watched. Later, when my eyes hurt a little, I closed the book and rested for a while, so that my eyes took a moment to rest.second point is: some children look at the bed when they see a good book. I also have this problem. I love reading in bed, especially when I sleep in bed at night. But my sister is different from me Cigarettes Cheaper. She also loves to read books, but she never lie on the bed and read books. I must learn from her and be a person who cares for my eyes Marlboro Gold Pack. third point is: some children love to read books at dusk, and never write lights when writing. This is very bad. After a long time, your vision will be reduced Carton Of Newports. I don't have this problem Marlboro Gold, because every night, I turn on the lights. Even if I don't turn on the lights, my mother will remind me to turn on the lights.er reading this article, I realized that the eyes are really useful for us. Therefore, we must protect her and earnestly do "eye exercises." In this way, the eyes can work better for us. Today, my mother bought me a book, "If you give me three days of light," I can't wait to open the book and start reading. I have almost finished reading it in less than a day. The content of this book is deeply attracted. I am inspired by my heart. main content is that a newly born little girl unfortunately gave birth to a serious illness. After a few days, her illness suddenly improved, but unfortunately she lost her most valuable hearing and vision. She could no longer see her. To live in the dark world, she can't hear, but he never gives up hope. She listens to the world with her heart. She feels the world with her heart. Finally, he becomes a famous writer. She is Helen Kay. Le.er reading this book, I couldn't help but leave tears. Helen Keller has achieved success through her unremitting efforts. How much she loves life and cherish life Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. But do we really do this in life? ? No. For example, whenever I do math problems, there will always be a few questions that I will not do, and I will not ask the parents. In the end, I chose to escape. When I read this book, I regret how much we should, we should Learn from Helen Heller, learn his unremitting efforts, learn her love of life, the greatest wealth of people is life, spirit, upward...d learn from Helen Heller and work hard together to cherish life.