Dwain Pence
by on May 18, 2019
bluetooth low energy beaconStarted in 2001, MOKOSmart has been engaging in IoT (Internet of Things) area for years and keeping renovated to suit the market requirement.
Thru offering smart systems and IoT solutions, we work to optimize consumers' lives, both work and businesses, improving upon their efficiency and convenience. This is achieved by hooking up our systems to users' smart devices (normally smart phones), in wi-fi covered space, with Bluetooth feature enabled and the devices attached to target objects. Consequently, users could posite, find, track, receive messages, check status and even manage target objects.
Our services and goods could be utilised in diverse business scenarios. Message pushing function enables shops to advertise and promote themselves easily or to support clients in a more effective way. Companies can even utilize our smart gadgets and cloud platform to do resource management and human resource management competently while with least costs. Any physical objects surrounding you for instance furnitures, house applicances and automobiles could be intelligentialized under our IoT solution projects. Don't you find they are pretty fascinating? Can not wait to have a go?
We have already served customers distributed in upwards of eighty countries around the world, with 5 millions smart products sold to this point. Amongst top 500 world-wide companies, you will find a multitude of enterprises developing partnership with us. Our pursuit is "interneting every object", and we expect the perspective "leading the world into IoT age" would happen if we make an effort to step forward. We are persuing to bring more comprehensive product and competitive service to you, don't hesitate to contact us whenever.
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