by on October 6, 2018

Wearing two pairs of different shoes, you will have different feelings, different experiences... ����Inscription family lives in a land that has been moistened by the Xiangjiang River. The river wind is mixed with the breath of late autumn. It makes people feel very comfortable... I said, "Mom, let's go for a walk!" Mom smiled erything is ready, only owe the wind." I wore roller skates and stood up. How do you get off the stairs? Mother said: "Support the handrails on the stairs." So, I took the first step carefully Newport Cigarettes Coupons... Although, our family only lived on the third floor, but I seem to have gone for a century. When I reached the first floor, I was sweating. Finally, I "walked" to the ground, there is an impulsive impulse, I quickly slid and glided around the flower bed: the wind accompanies me Carton Of Cigarettes, the flowers dance for me. I was so chic when I was dancing. My "walking steps" were regular and messy, sometimes fast and slow... The surrounding scenery flashed past, and countless eyes were full of envy. I don't know when, a small stone lay on the side of the road. Worse, I am about to hit it! Oh, I fell a fall, it just hurts. I plan to continue walking. I wore small shoes and went downstairs without any help. Although I can't wear the roller skates, let the wind beside me, but I can step by step Newport 100S. I can capture a detail: the leaves are dancing with the last life; the daisy is in full bloom in the cold wind; choose, wear roller skates or leather shoes? I will choose the latter. "I am wearing roller skates" is like the frivolous people in the society. All the beautiful scenery flashed in front of his eyes and nothing left. Knowing that the fur was showing off there, it ended up being awful. "I am wearing leather shoes" is like a wise man in society. Step by step, know how to live. Although there are no flowers and applause Marlboro Menthol 100S, it has enriched the self. Everyone has a lamp in their hearts that represents light Wholesale Cigarettes, warmth and hope. There are also many lamps in my heart I am indulging in a beautiful dream, stupid feeling who is calling me, I blinked and looked out the window, the day is still not bright! I blamed my mother while wearing clothes. Why did I pull me oud casually. Suddenly, I seem to think of something. "Oh, I have to make up the class today!" I ate a few bites in a mess, and then I saw that the time was already 7:25, only Twenty minutes later, I set off and set off. I ran to the bus station at the fastest speed, and finally caught up with a fast-opening car - the second district. I found that the traffic increased and the car flashed in front of me when I got off the bus. I have A bit timid, but I think it should not accidentally hit me. I rushed toward the "opposite side". I just found a big truck coming to me in the middle of the road. I was stunned--the foot couldn��t move like a lead, just in the dangerous moment of this millennium. Pulling me back. The big truck passed by me like the wind. I slowly turned around. It turned out to be a traffic police uncle. The traffic police uncle took me to the opposite side and said to me, "Children, I don��t think you are too small, how can you not even cross the road?" I listened. My heart panicked and bowed my head and said, "I am sorry, I am sorry, I will pay attention to it next time." At this moment, tears are spinning in my eyes. He listens and kneels down. Dry the tears in my eyes: "Then go, next time you must pay attention, the man is not allowed to tears, and youow ordinary words, it is this ordinary, that makes me respect and love them, I believe that li