by on October 6, 2018

Spring is here, Dad said to take me to climb the Purple Mountain. Oh, don't mention happiness in my heart! Early in the morning, we came to the foot of the Purple Mountain Marlboro Red. I looked up and looked at arted climbing. Spring breeze, the mountain roads are crowded with people climbing, everyone is two or three, some talk and laugh, some screaming, hurried forward, and some disregard the cold of early spring, have put on short-sleeved sportswear. The woods on both sides of the mountain road spit green, the green grass is stained with dew, and the golden spring flowers bloom with a smile, as if to encourage the climbers! I ran ahead of my father and was far ahead. After half an hour, I sweated and my legs were like lead Wholesale Cigarettes. I felt very difficult every step of the way. Dad gradually caught up with me. "This is still far from the top of the mountain. I have no strength!" I said to my father in a deflated manner. Dad saw through my mind: "You can't go halfway. Only by defeating the difficulties, you can see the beautiful scenery on the top of the mountain! Come, son, dad and you climb together." After listening to my father, I took the courage to Climbing on the top of the mountain.d the top of the mountain! Dad told me that this is the highest peak of Zijin Mountain. I looked into the distance, Qingshan Mountain, birds flew from time to time; Xuanwu Lake sparkling, Yangliuyiyi on the shore; in the Baima Park under the mountain, there are people everywhere, and many children running and chasing, "Busy�ö����ֽ𰡱! The towers of Nanjing's high-rise buildings are row upon row, and the roads are criss-crossed. ��One year is in spring��. After the winter break, people are busy workthe body, and the air is filled with the fragrance of earth and flowers. Dad said, "Come on! Take a photo as a mountaineering memorial!" I put a "victory" "pose" towards the camera Cigarettes Cheaper. The "Card" shutter flashed Cigarettes Online, leaving my first photo of spring 2009 on the top of Zijin. On Sunday afternoon, the adults went out and went to work alone. However, Zhou Ji always didn't know what to write. When I thought about it, I called my mother. My mother asked me to find the material myself.ourself?" This is a good excuse to go out to play! I immediately went to find a small partner in the community, but they were either locked up at home to do their homework or went to the interest class. "Then I am goinable excitement and inexplicable fear in my heart Cigarettes For Sale. Although the road was flat and wide and straight, there were so many vehicles there. I carefully crossed the road safely on the road. Although I was scared of a cold sweat, my sense of accomplishment was born, and even the neighbors roared. The I immediately made a decision. I rode straight to Taishan Primary School. After crossing the Taishan Road, cross the road, turn right along the Yellow River South Road, which is the path leading to Taishan Primary School. The road is a big downhill, and the road is bumpy. The speed of the car suddenly increased on the ramp, and the hopping and hopping made my heart tense. I grabbed the brakes tightly and tried to keep the balance of the car, for fear of giving myself the first time riding a "self-driving tour". Finally, I passed the dangerous section. I came to the gate of Taishan Primary School and looked inside from the door. I felt that without our beautiful Baihe Primary School, I felt a sense of pride in my heart. Because it is Sunday, there are no students on campus, and I am not going to go in. There are many vendors at the entrance of the campus. There is also a vegetable market not far away. Although the environment is somewhat run-down, it is also considered a ��c to write a weekly note, there is still no subject in my heart. By the way, in ancient times, there seems to be a story of ��a thousand miles to go riding alone��. I simply wrote my own ��single ride��!