by on September 28, 2018

NBA 2K19 could play brightly, but its off-the-court problems get in the way of its own success. The game provides a huge simulation of the sport, with sparkling presentation to match along with a renewed focus on the inner-city roots that lots of NBA MT Coins athletes share. Then developer Visual Concepts takes this otherwise stellar game on a detour toward microtransactions.

The NBA 2K series has been on this route for years, but its emphasis on microtransactions reaches a new peak in NBA 2K19. Often it feels like the better pieces of the game -- of which there are lots -- becoming lost in its obsession with squeezing more money out of its players.

The growth of microtransactions from the NBA 2K series contrasts the increasing tumult of this real-life NBA offseason. This year, 2K Sports had to change NBA 2K19's cover following a blockbuster trade place its cover athlete at a different uniform. To better capture that expanding disarray in the league's offices, NBA 2K19 presents a story to its franchise mode, MyGM. A player -- your created MyPlayer, specifically -- suffers a career-ending knee injury and afterwards takes up the reins as general manager. Trade Kyrie Irving off or put him at another position; that is the crux of a team GM gig, with a hint of occasional inner team play involved. It is a stretch to call it a story mode as the menu does, but small expansions into MyGM include dialogue exchanges and participant interactions fresh to NBA 2K19.

Not only is there a story in MyGM, there's still a bevy of MyPlayer options. As opposed to invite Spike Lee to direct MyCareer (because he did back in NBA 2K16), NBA 2K19's approach settles down Download , focusing on the tumultuous rookie year of prior street baller DJ. It's mostly satirical toward locker room civilization, a reprieve from the thick play of Madden NFL 18's Longshot or even past years of NBA 2K. For example, DJ's agent is not much of one, however, he does possess a catchphrase: "Eat what you kill" The characters do not seem to understand what that means (and they say so), but NBA 2K19 runs with it for the comedy.