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Life is like a dream, sometimes it is sometimes a worry, and there is such a saying that "people's troubles are 12 words: can't let go, can't open, can't see through, can't forget. With a simple mood, look at complicated life, take the rough road. Life, simple, happy, life, happy!" The longer you grow up, the more lonely you are. The more you grow up, the more you feel that your simple mind has some troublesome thoughts. If you want to let go of these burdens and go to the future, you don��t know the future. Where? When everyone is desperately heading for the unknown "future", have you ever looked back at some of the things you have experienced, and looked at what you used to be, when you were four or five years old, there was no kindergarten in the countryside. The busy farmer��s mother sent me to my grandparents every day. My childhood had a considerable part of my time spent by them. In their pets and caress, one day I suddenly remembered a sentence and sat down. The two old people around me said: "I grew up and filial to you!" Grandma and grandmother were very tough at the time. I heard this sentence and said with a smile: "When you are long, you don��t know where to go." Although it is very embarrassing, but the little boy who knows how to understand the death may be a little difficult. After many parties have verified, I understand that they said "I don't know where to go" is dead, but why do they Dead? They are so good, they are not going to die. The sentence is sloppy - "The wife has forgotten her mother", some men become unfilial after they become a family, but most of them still put themselves The identity of the most important woman in my heart has changed. Just at the beginning of junior high school, I just started to leave my mother. Every time I go home, I am elated. When I return to school, I become a sick chicken. At that time, my mother is still the most important thing in my heart. The woman, sitting at her side every time, rushing to talk about these days, even if she doesn't talk, her heart is warm. I think about the next day, I almost got a tearful eye and started riding a bicycle. Going to the county town to go to school, every time I look at my mother��s back, I can��t see it and go to see the hills in the village. I don��t bother to look at the barren hills at home, I feel so kind and look at it. The last one felt that it was enjoyment. It turned out that this was the original hometown feeling. The tears in my heart, even if you are not yet a mature adult, have to let others feel that they are a man��s parents after the 90s have a headache. During the rebellious period, maybe they will feel that there is nothing in their own time. How come to their children will come to a period of puberty and rebellion. I am a child from a young age, more parents The children of the heart, the parents do not have the impression of my rebellious period, but it is inevitably a bit noisy. In this case, the two children who are impressed with their parents are not going to think of the five dollars as something? Of course, it also includes me, but when I was a child, my five dollars was a big number. The first year of the elementary school forgot something to quarrel with my mother, and I was so angry that I didn��t have lunch, and I waited a few afternoons to leave school. Home, I found the note left by my mother that day, and told me to leave five dollars for me to buy some food. I immediately ran a commissary to buy a lot of snacks, but I was afraid that my mother would not find it that day Newport Carton Wholesale. The impression is that Dad loves to drink too much Wholesale Ciggarettes, and he is often drunk with his friends. But now it seems that he is far worse than his father-in-law. The custom here is that the married woman returns to her family, the first year of junior high school It was particularly cold that day, my grandfather��s family and my neighboring village, my family and the grandfather��s family were sitting on the same walking tractor. The four grandfathers waited for us at the grandfather��s house early, and they both drunk, and the young couples early Returning from his father-in-law's house is to accompany his father Cigarette Wholesale Price, but Xiao Yan does not drink. The half-drunken dad and the four grandfathers were forced to drink so much that the last four grandfather slapped a small slap. Xiaoxie cried, and the two men quarreled and looked at the helpless eyes. I walked to find my uncle. On the way back, my father was afraid that I was cold, and gave me a big slap. I ignored him and turned my head. When he got home, he lay on his throat and shed tears. Later, the mother said that it was because I ignored him. Since my parents got married, they have lived a life like a cowherd and a weaver, but they also have to wait for a few days to get together. So, my mother often talks to me about my father��s badness. I feel that my father is not good. I don't think that I didn't like to talk about hygiene when I was a child. I didn't wash my hair for a long time. So my father didn't like to glare at me. He washed his head one day and immediately drilled into his bed to let him smell it. When I was so attached to him, when I grew up and the sense of attachment to them gradually decreased, I realized that my value in their hearts was incalculable. Do I have to learn to understand my parents. What? Since then, although Dad still drinks, but there is no more friends who are friends and friends who are getting drunk and drunk. Who is your first love? What counts as a first love? Some people say that they are the first loved ones Cigarettes Online Cheap Free Shipping. Some people regard the stars they liked as their first love. Some people regard the first secret love as their first love. So many answers, I don't know which one is right. For the first time, I liked a girl who was in the fourth grade of winter. I remember that night in my house. My mother chatted with her and talked to a girl in a neighboring village in our class. Her sister-in-law was in our village. I was curious and asked. A lot, my mother didn't know if she was impatient or what, jokingly asked me to look at others, and suddenly my heart was like a big rock hitting it. So I miss her every day, thinking that I like her will control her, waiting to see her. After a while, I feel that this is not good. I have to forget her. How can I forget her most effectively? I just liked another girl Cheap Newport 100S Cigarettes, so the girl I liked changed and I also forgot how many girls in the next class and my class have stopped in my heart. The liberal arts are among the best, and the sciences are