by on April 26, 2019

To be honest, I am a person who hates to write book reviews. The book review always reminds me of the feeling of elementary school. It is a nightmare in primary school Chinese homework. And it feels that it is not enough to write a book review with my shallow literary essays. So here I want to write is not a book review, just recommend a one I have seen, warm, bright, there are orders Cheap Newport 100S Cigarettes, crazy, boring, there are nonsense stories, the hero of the story is a A gentle person, very good at getting along with people, so he has many friends around him. He is a person who has seen through the hearts of the people, knowing the world, so know when to need silence, when to accompany people overnight hangover, when to pretend to be confused or to go on a trip. So many friends are willing to tell him what he is thinking. He has become a good storyteller from a good listener. Use one of the words he said to describe himself as the most appropriate "transfer person." He rescued those "waterfallers" to help them through the storm, to get through the frustrations, to break through love, he wrote all the stories into a book, or real or fiction I don't know, but it is moving enough. And when I read, I never knew which one was true and which one was false. He talked about Mao 18 and Litchi living in Shacheng, telling the pig head who would rather suffer all the hardships and let the swallows live in a beautiful world, telling the world that no one knows who is waiting for the hair. spring. He talked about pheasant, many, Huang Qi, Chen end. He talked about Xiaoyu, Jiang Wei Wholesale Ciggarettes, squad leader Cigarettes Newport Online, and nonsense. There is also a story about her sister who accidentally cried when I watched it. Every word he wrote seemed so easy and disdainful, and he seemed so annoying to his sister that he was actually so inseparable. He needs a strong heart to bury the pain of leaving his dearest sister in the bottom of his heart, writing nostalgia in the most bleak words. There are many, many stories that are either happy or hurtful. In the story, the heroes of all kinds are everywhere, but they turn around but they don��t see each other. It��s like passing by, and it��s like us. He writes not only stories, but youth is life. Every one of his writings has more or less our shadow. Because our youth is not too home or too wonderful. We all meet similar love and will meet similar friendships. Like the protagonists in the story, we will encounter a turning point when we are moving forward smoothly. When we are in the same place, we will choose a strange road. When we watch the stars at the top of the mountain, we will listen to a friend��s talk. When we are on the sofa, we want to stay away from the night. future. He is not writing about his friends, but the story of each of us, so when you are insomnia, when you need comfort, when you wait for the train, when you are lazy, when you are tired after a meal You should be able to find a chapter that is appropriate Cheap Marlboro 100S Cigarettes. You can become the protagonist inside to experience the same bitterness or joy. His name is Zhang Jiajia, a name like a girl who is easily heard as "Jiajia". His story is "From your world." This story is messy, like a friend telling you in the middle of the night, describing the thousands of miles he has traveled. The protagonist of the story is himself. He is this friend who gives you a late night narrative. And this book is creating a miracle, and each of his stories is being adapted into a movie or a movie Cigarettes For Sale Wholesale. It can be seen that the directors also like his story, like the hopes that grow out of despair, like the protagonists who insist on not giving up the warmth. The recognition of these names is more valuable than the book review, so take a look and see "From your world." I believe that when you finish reading this book, you will remember a personal name, a joy, a cry, and a smile that is fearless. Because these are our own, and finally quote a piece of Zhang Jiajia��s own words. He said: ��It��s a sick sentence to pass by your world. Either you are my world or passing through your world. We can��t be from one person. The world is passing by. But most of the hopes are sick sentences. I would rather take the sentence to do the problem, and don't see the hope that we can keep hope and let us go forward without fear. From your world, the future will be together. Row