by on September 14, 2018

"Ding Lingling -" The bell rang after the class. In the quiet classroom, the time has become very hot. The students sang and laughed in the classroom. Finished! I��m finally finished! The roll was taken up, and a big stone of my heart finally fell. Recalling all the efforts before the test, every "footprint" is deeply engraved in the heart.rint 1: First time to "fly" the fourth grade, my grades almost fell in a straight line. I am getting farther and farther away from the "throne" of the first place in the class. When I was holding a roll full of red forks, "���" the cold tears poured out, and I fell on the ground unceremoniously, as if laughing at me. Watching other people make rapid progress, but they are constantly regressing. I completely lost my confidence and despair... I don't know when, my mother gave me an "Essay Network" to write articles and diaries in it every day. So, I started to write a paragraph or a diary in the computer every day. This gives me confidence in learning. Over time, my grades have also improved Marlboro Cigarettes Price, from "good" to "excellent". I made up my mind that I must rush to the first class in the class. Therefore, my first footprint will start here.h this incident, I also let me know: standing in the ferry of growing up, only singularly, retreating and hesitating will only make you lose at the starting point. If you don��t give back on your own reasons, go ahead and take your first step and start harvesting.tprint 2: Everyone is unique was in the fifth grade, the class turned to a versatile girl. In just one month, I actually became the monitor. I am very envious. I began to imitate her silently, imitating her language, demeanor, manners... I didn't put my mind on learning, so the results quickly fell.his day, I rushed to tell my mother that the squad leader was elegant and graceful. When she said, "Mom, do you know what 1:6000000000 mean? I quickly shook my head Cheap Cigarettes, and my mother said to me: "Here. The "1" stands for you, and the 6 billion represents the total number of people in the world. In other words, you are the only one in the world, the one that is unique. So you don't need to imitate anyone. Live yourself, you have your own unique ideas, and this is your value! "I seem to know how to nod and nod. After that, I put my mind and mind on learning and danced my own brilliance! sixth grade, my grades were basically stable, almost all of them were above 90 points. I can't help but admire: "Experiencedon that day, when I was eating, I boasted unceremoniously. This is, my mother said to me again: "Baby! You see that your performance is stable now Marlboro Cigarettes Online, but you can't be proud! �š�����������Can you take another step forward and test a hundred percent for your mother? Look, it��s a challenge, eh?�� ��One hundred percent...�� I replied, ��In normal times, I have to work hard and work hard, so I can only test 93 or 92 points at most Marlboro Gold. I am afraid..." I hesitated. "Come on! Mom believes in you!" Looking at my mother's encouraging eyes, I nodded slyly. Secretly in my heart: I have to test a hundred percent for my mother at a time! So, I accepted this challenge.e days to come, I try my best to restrain myself. I try not to be distracted in class, concentrate on listening carefully, and ask questions immediately after class. At night, try to squeeze out some time to read extracurricular books, back to ancient poems, review and review English. Words... Near the mid-term exam, on the day before the exam, I made a full consolidation and review Marlboro Menthol 100S, come on! I will definitely get good grades!the day of the exam, I concentrated on doing every question. The topic was read over and over again. After the exam, I checked it carefully.n Dangdang..." The bell ringed, and I handed in the paper with a restless mood. Two days, when the test paper was issued. Huh? How do you have a one hundred percent scroll here? I picked it up, ah! its mine! I was shocked. It was so unexpected. I was so happy that I couldn��t keep my mouth open and ecstatic!lso makes me understand that on the road of growth, I will encounter many challenges. Some people choose to retreat, while others still choose to take a step forward. Perhaps, just a small step. But this step represents a step of courage and confiden