by on April 15, 2019

hen I was young, I really liked the poetry of the Hungarian poet Dodo. I would like to be a wilderness. As long as my lover is a little bird, I will sing cheerfully in my dense forest. I am willing to be a small river, as long as my lover is a fish. In the waves of my life, I am happily swimming around: I am willing to be a ruin, as long as my lover is a youthful ivy, along with my desolate amount, intimate climbing rises. Years are like songs, and the flow of years is like water. Inadvertently, the blue hair has turned white, telling me that I have been in middle age. At the Agricultural Bank, the work is also full of 23 spring, summer, autumn and winter. Although the past is like smoke, there are also many places worthy of recollection Newport 100S Carton Cheap. When I first got to work, I made a job at the Banqiao business office Marlboro Wholesale Cigarettes. I remember that one day in recent years, the director of the township finance office had to pay a salary, with a check, with a withdrawal of 32,800 yuan, and the accounting was posted and passed to me for payment. At that time, I just went to work soon, I did not have long business hours Newport Cigarette Cartons. I was always worried about my business. I was nervous. When I paid this money, I mistakenly thought that it was 32080 yuan, and paid 720 yuan less. The reviewer did not carefully A rough review is handed over to the customer. The client's director is very convinced of us. After receiving the payment, the number is not counted. It is directly loaded into the bag and returned to pay. At noon, when I got off work, I found a long section. At that time, my monthly salary was 91 yuan. My father was building a house. The hand was very tight. To what extent? In the harsh winter season, I was wearing a single shoe. The director asked me why I didn��t buy double leather boots. I said no. Money, he said that even 40 yuan is not there, then I will lend you to the supply and marketing agency to buy it. This 720 yuan long section, if I have to pay for myself, no one will know, no one will doubt, and will not be punished for this. I thought a lot, and finally decided to take the initiative to admit mistakes to my colleagues. Because of my carelessness, I almost caused losses to my clients. I sent the long money to the director and apologized and asked him to forgive. The long-serving salary of the company has been sent to more than 30 people. I don��t know if I pay him a few hundred dollars. After he has made an account, he suddenly realizes that he is also at fault and greatly appreciates our ABC. Through this incident, I understand that as a farmer, you must first pass the money, money is a good thing, but not your own hard earned income, resolutely not; secondly, dare to admit mistakes, people should not be afraid of making mistakes, mistakes to admit If you know the mistake can be changed, everyone will be forgiven. This is a bright and upright person: you must admit your own shortcomings. It seems that our business is simple. If you want to do well, it is not easy, and the songs are good to sing and sing hard. . Later, I became an auditor and another brand new position. At work, I found it more troublesome to audit the interest of the public. The base of public accounts is large, interest rates change frequently, and interest calculations are all based on manual calculations. When I encountered a problem, I began to think again, how to calculate it quickly and accurately. I was still thinking in bed at night. After thinking hard, I found that I calculated the interest of 10,000 yuan to nine days under the premise of not moving interest rates. Remember, remember to dial out directly on the abacus with simple multiplication. It is very simple and solve this problem very quickly. This incident, let me understand: no matter what job we do, where we are, as long as we are diligent in thinking and brainstorming, we will find a good way, a good way to do our work and then later, I become a customer department. A product manager. In the spring operation, I was busy with a day of work Newport Carton Cigarettes, driving with my colleagues to the rural marketing Zhifutong at night. Advertise to the customer, activate Zhifutong, and then the customer church, sometimes returning to the middle of the night, on the way back, see a bright moon hanging high in the sky, surrounded by silence, spring insects, spring breeze Marlboro Reds 100S Carton, forget the lip dry Dry tongue, forget the fatigue of the day, feel that life is so meaningful. From the day I went to work at the Agricultural Bank, I married myself to the Agricultural Bank. Regardless of whether he is willing or not, the Agricultural Bank is a big river. I am a small fish in this river. There is no earth-shattering feat. There is no singular story, no dazzling and dazzling, and there is no big wave in the long river of our Agricultural Bank. However, our ABC is indeed a vast river that is raging and dying. It is writing a magnificent epic in our vibrant and vibrant land of the motherland. It is depicting a wonderful picture. ABC, I am proud of you.