by on April 15, 2019

Get up at five o'clock, grooming, ready to go out, screaming, a shower of rain came over, and repeatedly, I can't decide whether to go back to sleep or go out for morning exercises. Struggling for a few times, I feel that I am getting up, and it��s boring to go back to sleep. Just go out. Take the umbrella and let it rain or it is fine. Unexpectedly, except for the few drops of rain before going out, the whole morning is refreshing. No scorching sun, no drizzle, breeze and smooth, haze, very comfortable. The mountains are verdant, the mountains are full of fragrance, and the birds are mellow, which is really good morning light. Picking up the level, the more you feel good, Cheng Cheng will not be able to bear me. In the morning of six or seven years, every morning mountaineering, I feel that this mountain forest has given me a different beauty. Every scene is very impressive, just like a beautiful woman.�� ,, the words are mediocre, can not describe the thousands of enchanting. Today, climbing, I feel that it is a very correct choice to go out in the rain, or else it is a pity to miss such a good time. In the morning, the badminton played a good time, sweating like rain Cheap Newport Cigarette, not feeling hard, just feeling Shutai. Even more, I took a bowl of nutritious and delicious noodles cooked by Shanyou, and opened a new and wonderful day. It��s coming down the mountain, and I don��t know where the rain is hiding. The pattering of the ground was not finished, as if the two hours of the morning were specially reserved for me Cartons Of Newport Cigarettes. So, it is really well-behaved. The rain in the south of the Yangtze River is really gentle. The smoke outside the window was so rainy that I couldn't see the distant scenery. I saw that the rain was dense, and the rain passed over everything. The world suddenly became the stage of its own, and it swayed its dance. Such a dance of the city, the forest is understandable, and the earth is also clear. I, listening to this whispering sound, letting you wander happily. I don��t know what I��m doing. Backed by the bamboo chair, drinking chrysanthemum tea, watching the mouse flashing, I do not know how to continue the following text. So, sit still, listen to the rain outside the window, know that the rain is big again. A glimpse of the window, the sky is getting grayer, and there is a water vapor in the outside. I only see the water on the glass, I really want to go past the graffiti. I haven��t moved a step in the footsteps, but I still feel lazy. Worth, it��s not good to have two peace of mind, but it��s not very good. The rain is very loud, and it��s screaming on the window, thinking that it��s already drifting. Summer rain is such an impetuous temper. It was a madness in the rain, and it made me feel overwhelmed. The ancients said: smoke and rain, thousands of families, poetry and wine Newport Online Cigarettes. In the summer, everything is alive and well, and the green is heartbreaking. It is really a good time. The scenery is so good, how can there be no poetry and no wine? I still remember a drunken word on the stone in the Yandang Mountain Usa Cigarettes Online Free Shipping. That drunk is sure to be a drunk of a thousand white peaks, or a drunken drunk. Or is it that Ouyang Xiu said: The meaning of drunkenness is not in wine, but also in the mountains and rivers. The music of the mountains and rivers, the heart of the wine and the wines that appear in the mountains between the mountains and the mountains are really wonderful. I recalled that I was in the mountains and had a delicious meal. It was a bit drunk. Those sky-high trees, the dangerous cliffs that stand in the thousand miles, the Baizhang waterfalls that are upside down like the Milky Way, such as a pot of wine, are drunk in the mouth of today's mountains Marlboro Regular Cigarettes, Yunxia is connected, and the spirit show is also a bit Like God. Look at the morning color in the mountains today, that charm is also difficult to draw difficult to draw, so that people are dazzled, my heart is drunk. This rain is so embarrassing, but it��s not drunk, it��s still not awake! It��s so drunk, like a picturesque picture, it adds the infinite style of Jiangnan!